Biscuit Roller at Monarch on 1/24!


Hey all you biscuits, we’re playin’ a show this Friday night at Monarch (204 E. Rio Grande) with our pals from Juarex, The Golden Trees, and DB Salas & Wino No on the decks! Bring your pretty faces and rock the nice shoes. Monarch this Friday night will be swingin’ and styin’ with classic tunes.

Biscuit & roll,

New sounds and sights to come…


So it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but the times are still changing. We are working hard to bring your a brand new record to hold and listen to whenever you want. Very shortly, we’ll be headed into the studio in the next couple of weeks and have a sneak peek of it coming very soon. This fall has welcomed us with new friends and memories and there are much more ideas instore for our listeners.

Biscuit Roller Headlining La Parada 3 Year Anniversary!


Taking place this Friday at the San Carlos building is one of the biggest shows Biscuit Roller has done in a while. The guys will be playing the 3 year Anniversary of  La Parada! The set will begin at Midnight and there are plenty of local acts to follow up the evening. Check out the event link right here:
See you Friday night!

The “Dog Days” are upon us…


We have come a long way since the beginning. Time has tested us through storms and calm seas, but whatever the outcome we will embrace the change. The “Dog Days” are upon us and the sails must be set. We’ll maintain our course and ride the current into the sun. A great deal of sacrifice must be made for any compensation n return. The journey is far from over and a new chapter has just begun…

Back home, back to the Grindstone.


We traveled more than 2000 miles and flew high above Texas surveying every town and city we came across. The days were scalding hot,  and combined with sizzling blacktop, proved to be a menacing opponent. But whatever the cost, Biscuit Roller was in no hurry to slow down.
Marfa was the first stop and it turned out to be much more than we expected. We cruised up in the van and immediately had our eyes set on the surroundings. “Planet Marfa” was founded by a gentleman named John, who wanted to create an outside haven for all sorts constructed with scrap parts and trinkets collected over the years. The stage was made of wooden planks and centered in the middle of the enclave. They’re we’re people all around left and right. Performing not only to the left of you, but to the right as well! As the set went on into the night, the stars showed themselves. Our last few songs were played gazing up into the dark abyss. We packed our things, munched some heavy grilled cheeses and went on our way.
Monday’s gig was in Corpus Christi, but before we played we had to let loose! So we hit up the beach and the aquarium, as well as an aircraft carrier. After a tasty fish-burger from a local eatery, we headed downtown to the venue. “Dr. Rockitt’s” was the name. Loads of pictures lined the walls portraying a plethora of musicians who have traveled through before. We killed our set and it was on to Padre Island for a little ocean-side camping.
Early the next morning, I took the wheel and ventured on north to the city of Austin. The day was slowly approaching and we pulled into Atx around 11 am. The Hole in the Wall wasn’t open yet so we proceeded to our good friend and former manager’s place. His hospitality was much appreciated and we hold lots of gratitude. As the hours dwindled away, our show at Hole in the Wall was fast approaching. We piled into the van and headed towards the busy campus area. A solo performer, Jake Joyce McCoy, was at the mic first and we followed up his boisterous performance. He pretty much loosened up the ends for us, if you will. Our first show in Austin since Spring 2012 went flawlessly. The air was heavy with emotion and support from many El Paso locals, who happened to be in town that evening. A great way to open up our stay in Austin. Wednesday was spent exploring Barton Springs and preparing for the  show. Worn out and weathered, we all rested well. The next morning was spent mostly in line at Franklin’s BBQ, one of Austin’s most famous joints. After waiting in line for 3 hours, we finally dug our teeth into the soft brisket. It was a bite worth waiting in line for. Later that night, the guys loaded into the van yet again, this time heading to “Golden Bones.” A grand opening was commencing and we thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show that preceded. Time till the show was closely approaching and we raced downtown towards Six lounge. San Antonio locals, Lonely Horse opened up with a chilling performance. The audience was swaying and grooving like a swirling ocean. What a great band to follow, those guys. We played our set under the stars and among skyscrapers as our the sounds echoed between the building. The set was tight and we finished up the night with a few slices of pizza from a local food truck. That evening, we jammed and sang into the night with our pal Dustin and faded into the night as the day began to break.
Heading towards San Antonio, we bid our good friend farewell and packed up the van. The drive ended an hour later at Travis’ place, the drummer for Lonely Horse. He was hospitable and let the band crash with him for the night. But the night was still young, and we headed to the venue. “502 Bar” was the place to be that night. The atmosphere was airy and the bands were still setting up when we arrived. The sound guy was busy miking everything and he did a good job at that. The first two bands held up the stage with much intensity and psychedelic noise. The grooves were felt throughout the whole room. Then Lonely Horse hit the stage…they killed it. This was their home turf, their roost. We were in their domain now. Nick and Travis of Lonely Horse are a pair to be reckoned with. They brought the power and turned it past ten. It was a pleasure following them up. The performance at 502 was undoubtedly the best show on the road. The love from the crowd and energy expended towards us was greatly felt. The sound was crisp and the air was sweet. This show was one for the books.
The following morning was spent rejuvenating our stomachs and souls. The guys killed some grilled cheeses and I had a meal with some new friends at Chester’s. I can’t remember ever having a cheeseburger that good, but I know I’ll never forget it.
After a long haul north to Ft. Worth we made it to Lola’s Saloon. It was a Saturday night and already folks were trickling in like a leaky faucet. The stage was bound by a barrier of wooden planks that resembled the bow of a ship. The local bands we played with brought their sound and we finished up our tour with a rowdy set. The folks in Ft.Worth sure know how to take care of guests, and we were treated for sure. The last gig we played was a lasting memory to everyone in the band. The journey home was a grueling team effort and we returned in one piece. Now that we’re back, it’s back to the drawing board….

Biscuit Roller in Austin, TX


The boys have been busy trekking through Texas on their first ever tour. They have been through Marfa and Corpus Christi and now they’ve finally made it to Austin. The first show took place last night at Hole in the Wall with a great turnout from the locals and even a few EP locos! Thanks guys! The next show will take place at 6th Lounge on 4th & Colorado and it’s bound to be one for the history books. So make it out and Biscuit Roller will make it worthwhile! See you there!

Rise Over Texas Begins!


Our “Rise Over Texas” Tour begins tomorrow @ The Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, TX.  Then it is on to Marfa!

“Rise Over Texas” Tour!


Biscuit Roller will be kicking of our “Rise Over Texas” Tour this Friday @ The Lowbrow Palace in El Paso, TX!  This tour will take us from El Paso to Marfa, Corpus Christi, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio!




“Rise Over Texas” Tour


Biscuit Roller’s “Rise Over Texas” Tour starts in 1 week!!

First show is at The Lowbrow Palace in El Paso TX August 2nd.   The Tour Kickoff Show!!

Don’t forget to check our gigs calendar to stay updated on where we are gonna be jammin’!