01/24/14 – Monarch – Biscuit Roller at Monarch


Biscuit Roller at Monarch on 1/24!


Hey all you biscuits, we’re playin’ a show this Friday night at Monarch (204 E. Rio Grande) with our pals from Juarex, The Golden Trees, and DB Salas & Wino No on the decks! Bring your pretty faces and rock the nice shoes. Monarch this Friday night will be swingin’ and styin’ with classic tunes.

Biscuit & roll,

11/02/13 – The Network – Day of the Dead Celebration


New sounds and sights to come…


So it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but the times are still changing. We are working hard to bring your a brand new record to hold and listen to whenever you want. Very shortly, we’ll be headed into the studio in the next couple of weeks and have a sneak peek of it coming very soon. This fall has welcomed us with new friends and memories and there are much more ideas instore for our listeners.

09/28/13 – The Hoppy Monk – Hoppy Monk Oktoberfest


09/14/13 – Black Market – Biscuit Roller & Friends


09/06/13 – San Carlos Building – La Parada 3 Year Anniversary


Biscuit Roller Headlining La Parada 3 Year Anniversary!


Taking place this Friday at the San Carlos building is one of the biggest shows Biscuit Roller has done in a while. The guys will be playing the 3 year Anniversary of  La Parada! The set will begin at Midnight and there are plenty of local acts to follow up the evening. Check out the event link right here: https://www.facebook.com/events/564374393620400/?fref=ts
See you Friday night!

The “Dog Days” are upon us…


We have come a long way since the beginning. Time has tested us through storms and calm seas, but whatever the outcome we will embrace the change. The “Dog Days” are upon us and the sails must be set. We’ll maintain our course and ride the current into the sun. A great deal of sacrifice must be made for any compensation n return. The journey is far from over and a new chapter has just begun…

08/24/13 – San Carlos Building – SHBP Fundraiser